What are some rituals you use to “Disconnect” before sleeping?

Joy Z.
I generally start to get ready for bed about an hour or more before I plan to sleep. I usually listen to quiet music and read for about an hour. Then I like to write a few things I’m grateful for in my journal. Then it’s lights out and I pray and fall to sleep.
Bea E.
I darken my room and listen to music. Maybe dance a little bit. Then fully turn off my phone (don’t need and alarm, wake up with the light coming from the window). Then I lay down in bed, recite my gratefulness list and then do some breathing exercises.
Antonia Z.
Disconnect from social media, turn off your mobile's wifi/data, have your meditation and try to sleep. I udually disconnect from social media one hour before going to bed.
Elise E.
Not a ritual but a way of thinking. Realize that looking at your phone is nothing but an empty distraction. While it might bring you wish gratification, which is all right from time to time, it takes up time that you could use for something deeper, something you will remember days after or even years after.

I do not look at social media. That leaves me time to read a book. All you need is 30 minutes a day and you will enrich your life.

Once you've accepted that, it is easy to put the phone down.

Daisy S.
I do my night time skincare routine, have a cup of herbal tea, have hugs with my cats, read a book and document my life in a journal/diary
Joke Z.
I don’t think you have to explain why you said no but I get that you feel the need to explain yourself so just keep calm and tell them why you have to say no and thank them for their understanding.
Anka O.
I put calming essential oil in the difuser and light a candle. I move my phone far away and grab a book. If I feel restless, I drop a book and do a meditation. When meditation calms me down, I drift into sleep…
Mellie E.
I make the rounds on my house plants. I check each one to make sure I know if I need to water it in the morning. I look for any new leaves or buds. I touch the ones that have a particularly nice texture. It takes about 20 minutes. Then I tell them goodnight, out loud, and turn out the lights.
Another ritual I have is my nightly skincare routine. I have a short version, which happens most nights, that is one cleanse and then moisturize. On stressful days or days where I just want to pamper myself, I give myself 30 minutes to an hour. I warm up some facial oil and do an oil cleanse, complete with facial massage and jade roller. Then I do a regular cleanse. Then gentle exfoliation. Finally I apply moisturizer and use the jade roller again.
Saratu W.
I program my phone to go off by 8pm, then I listen to some relaxing music, then I switch off my phone, and use my eye patch
Madison U.
To disconnect before sleeping I usually put my electronics away, “to sleep on the charger” and then I will take a shower. After my shower I know that I am not “supposed to” look at my electronics therefore I do a 5 to 10 minute meditation and then I go to sleep. This way my eyes aren’t strained or feel wide awake because I’m not looking at the screen right before I go to bed. I’m sitting in the dark meditating slowly relaxing enough to feel sleepy so I can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.