How long does it take to break a video game addiction?

Somya F.
It depends on your potential and seriousness but if we'll talk about scientific answer, at least at can take 66 dayes to make a new habit perfectly or leave habit.
Aymeric Y.
Tbh I'm not a gamer but a lot of my friends are.
They're videos games addicts but when the exam period arrives they got rid of em easily.
So I don't think it's a strong addiction.
Tammy O.
Depends on what you mean by "breaking the addiction". I don't believe that person will spend the rest of their lives not playing any video games.

At the same time, drastically reducing play times and thereby reducing the negative impacts it has on that person's life can be faster.

< 1 month for meaningful change

+-3 months is my guess for lasting change

Lasting change -> replacing the video game time with healthier habits and enjoying those habits more

Freja W.
As long as they want to lose the addiction it shouldn’t take more than maybe s a month and a half to completely move on from them
Jack N.
Oh boy I love video games, but to break the habit is to unplug i recon and find joy in other things, take your mind off it be with people in real life.
Inshiiiii F.
I'm not sure, but one of the ways that I would suggest is 1. A social media detox, or a full on device detox. For this challenge, you need to avoid devices or social media completely. Something that would help you do this is signing out of all your accounts, and placing your devices in very inefficient spots or…maybe even taking a day off! I understand that this may not be physically possible for some people at the time, so another method I would like to introduce is having a close friend or loved one set screen time restrictions on your devices….with a password they set. This means that you could only spend limited time on the target app. But if this doesn't seem like your cup of tea, then let me give you one more. 3. Using your love for video games to get things done! This is something I did when I had to cover a huge syllabus for exams..I would tell myself "if I completed —- , then I would get an hour of video game time. This helped me a lot in 0rogressing with my syllabus. Plus, studying seemed to be fruitful because of the immediate pleasure I offered myself. For those of you with game buddies, try and take some time off of where you usually text them. In the mean time, try and indulge in some other hobby that would help you reach your long term goals. It might feel weird at first…all the negative space you have, but just hang on :))))
Segun N.
It can take as long as a year or longer but whats matter is that u can overcome an addiction if u put in the work and make the commitment to doing the work and habit to overcome this
Raymund E.
It's really hard to get rid of something you've been addicted for too long. For me, that will take a least a couple of months.
Natalie J.
It can take anywhere from a day to weeks or even months. Depending on your mental strength and capabilities. For example, if you want to break the addiction, and you have a very strong will, you can simply eliminate all temptations to play the game. Such as uninstalling games and/or unplugging and storing away Xboxes and PlayStations. Keep yourself busy with other things, and stick to it. Before you know it, you'll not even be thinking about your game anymore! However, if you need more time to adjust, start with baby steps. Like simply setting time limits for yourself and sticking to them. The time limits should get gradually shorter and shorter. I believe in you!
Harold F.
I play video games myself and I think that the best way to stop the addiction to take more time outside or inside with the people you love. Spending more time with these people help you forget about games and helps you develop a stronger bond.
Her Dia Y.
You have to give yourself time away from gaming to allow your brain to reset. It needs to achieve homeostasis at a low level of dopamine. That can take somewhere between three weeks to two months. However, you will start to see some changes in about a week
Ruben N.
I think that it can take a while because once a habit builds up it takes a while to get rid of it but if you work constantly trying not to spend a lot of time on playing video games and exploring new things you can stop your video game addiction but still have fun at times.
Iris N.
I have never been one to play videogames, so im not sure im qualified for this kind of advice. But i have been learning a bit about hiw to break my social media addiction. whenever i get the urge to start scrolling, ill drop my phone and grab a big basket beside my bed in which i have placed several things i cand do rather than scrollin through sm. My basket has knitting instruments, books, a coloring book and colour pencils, a journal, etc. I'd say you should make a basket of your own and keep it somewhere close to where you play videogames, sowhen you get the urge to play, you can resort to your tool basket and spend your time on healthier habits.
Jade E.
I had a video game addiction once. It's not that easy to leave video games after all the time playing them,but if you believe in yourself you will make it.
Lewis S.
I don’t know that well because I don’t I would just say don’t let yourself go on it, or start at like 1 hour a day then slowly go down to 45 and then down to what you want to do personally!
Urban E.
It takes about 6 days to break a game addiction because the human body after 3 days of boredom figures something out to do while free.
D I.
It can vary from person to person but iam sure it can take a while . The more gaming means to you the harder it is to quit it . If you have started gaming to break from reality because of stress then it's going to be hard but start the process from socialising with people , instead of staying in home bored which will in time lead you to games go outside doesn't mean a destination go somewhere , anywhere . Inspect every small things around you . It's not things those are big that can make you a better person everything starts small . Seek peace from nature , people , things . Learn to be funny to yourself to make you happy and not only the ones around you . Don't expect the same kindness from people . Follow these you will fall in love with you . You will definitely feel better ♥️✨
Thaditha X.
I had a big video game addiction when I was 13.It took about 2 or 3 years to break my addiction. I controlled it myself with the help of meditation sessions.
Thaditha X.
I know it's hard when it becomes an addiction…It took me about 2 years to break the addiction of video games…before breaking it, I was a big fan of them and couldn't control myself.I didn't play them all day but I thought about them many times. After practising meditation and making a habit to exercising helped me to get rid of it peacefully. I recommend not to stop it by force, you can make a good habit which makes you happy more than video games. After some days, you will realise that addiction has gone😊
Medusa W.
Each person is different. I had an video game addiction, but I stopped focusing on other things that were more important. I still lived with my parents at the time so I had my dad take my game. And he wouldn't let me play it unless it was the weekend. I still have moments now especially streaming and wanting the views haven't helped lately. How I'm keeping control is other things I enjoy to do, I'll still have my game on, but then I'll play music, go to YouTube, watch an documentary. It's taking breaks to do other things you love and that is a time distractions are ok
Nyjah Z.
As long as it has to. Find something else to do as a hobbie. Like me for example: I started working on art projects, reading self help books, journaling, walking, linking up with friends. There’s always something to do. Hope this helps 💕
Aaron Z.
It takes little time, little time means weeks or month. If you have a right knowledge what will happen if you continue, are you happy doing it? it is right thing to do? Did this game can help me in the future? Seek your self.
R Mi T.
A lot! I still haven't broke mine, since its more of a hobby, not an addiction. You can start by limiting your time, or finding other hobbies to keep you occupied. Thats what i do when i try to keep off the conputer. I like to draw, dance and make crafts. You can try that!
Maria Z.
approximately 3 – 5 months, and you have to start reducing your gaming sessions and how many hours you play. Subsequently, realizing that video games is a waste of time is the first step.
Lois U.
Research shows that,it will take at an average of 90 days.We all know that video game addiction over time can cause many health problems.But the decision to stop that habit with the mind is very good,because there will be also relationship problems due to it.
Try to involve in other activities.We know each and every person in this earth has unique personality and abilities too.So spend your valuable time by taking into account of your hobbies,also don't forget about your loved ones….:)
Joyce T.
I was addicted to video games so much that my daily play time was around 5 – 6 hours. Everytime I thought that I should stop playing now, my brain was like – "Just a few more minutes". One day I decided to force myself to not play any games at all. After that day evertime I think about playing games, I think that they are very booring and decide to watch a video or read a book instead.
Maxim T.
Well… When I got my first evert computer the first thing I did on there was I downloaded a bunch of games and practiced them everyday and the better I got the longer I played them. It got so bad that I stopped doing my homework completely. I did some work when I first got the computer but then the addiction got worse and it was the first thing I wanted to do when I got home, I thought about it all the time, it effected my sleep schedule, my eating and my social life. I realized this must not go on and I replaced one game with cleaning, the other with reading and so on. Then everytime I played for example minecraft for 20min I had to read 20 pages or clean 20 minutes.
Risiele E.
The challenges don't make sense????
1.There's nothing there. Commit to a better you??? That's all?
2.Then you say you'd like to hear from us but there's no where to write to 'you' or even write to an AI…?
William W.
It takes 19 days to set a new habit, and double the time to fight an addiction. At least 38 days would be needed to help recalibrate back to a more centered brain, similar to taking new medication.
Beck N.
30 days, Im actually not sure though a month of commitment and dedication just sounds about right for starting and breaking a habit.
Mehdi M.
You have to give yourself time away from gaming to allow your brain to reset. It needs to achieve homeostasis at a low level of dopamine. That can take somewhere between three weeks to two months. However, you will start to see some changes in about a week.
Meszes E.
I'm not at all sure, but I think the best way about it is developing new habits that overtake gaming, and ever so slowly you won't care if there's not much time to game anymore.

When you start to be proud of who you are in real life, you will farm for irl things rather than imaginary ones.

Harnisha X.
For me, not really long because I get bored of the same things easily. But for my other gamer friends they usually take a month with effort and 3-5 months with less effort.
Sofija Z.
Well to be honest, it first depends if you are addicted to a specific game or playing games. I can't answer you how long it takes to break an addiction, because it's individual. Everyone is unique and they need specific treatment. I can give you some advice thought. This helped me when I was addicted (I was because I was trying to escape the reality). First of all be proud of yourself for addressing the problem and wanting to fix it. Set a timer, for 2hrs (example) and say to yourself "Okay, i came this far, let's test myself (it's like a game) and see if I can stop when the alarm rings. I did this for 2 weeks and then I turned off the game even before the time ran out. Take small steps, decrease the timer by 15 minutes for an example. You shouldn't cut it off just like that because it won't be good for you, you will come back to it again. It may take weeks, but remember, small progress is better than none! Love you I hope I helped <3
Mariele R.
It takes a while. For me, though, it's not a big problem because I am never so addicted to video games that it's difficult to cut it off. But it will take a while. It's all about habits. You developed the habit of playing it over and over again, now you just have to develop the new habit of doing something else or giving it a break or completely shutting it off. Work on new healthy habits that will help you to stay away from so much video games.
Advika A.
It kinda depends on you. If you tale efforts it can go in a month. And if you just trying for the sake of trying it will never go.
Amelia S.
I feel like it doesn’t take that long if you try and really want to. If you really want to and know you have to then you can delete the game then and there and commit to never touching it again. The hard thing is the want though. It could take weeks for you to stop wanting it back.
Hassan Z.
That's one of the reasons I downloaded this app, hopefully it doesn't take long, am already on the way and am sure you can start too
Katherine X.
Maybe two weeks if it’s a really bad addiction, otherwise, probably a week. If it’s social media, it’s a whole different story.
Veronica Z.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t break it. I have to do a digital detox in the daytime with my service dog and I’m only allowed to have my devices at night.
Mae S.
Well, you start little like taking away 30 minutes every week from how long you normaly play e.g. You normaly play for 3 hours but next week it will turn into 2 hours 30 minuets. And so on or could change it to every month depending on how ready you are to make the change.
Judd Z.
I think it takes a long time depending on how long you've done it or how long it's short or long but just knowing little times like setting yourself up for like 1 hour and then going to like 30 minutes and then going to like no day or like 1 minute without video games 2 minutes without video games an hour without video games something like that
Edgar N.
It depends on your motivation to break it and how severe is your video game addiction. I had a very severe video game addiction but with high motivation I broke out of it in just 2 weeks
Jessica Q.
Xoxo ☺️🌄 So it takes 3 weeks to establish a habit and 3 more weeks to completly stick with that habit . Keep in mind to replace your game addiction with a positive one that brings Joy, passion and fulfillment to yourself from the inside out. ☺️🌄Xoxo
Xarina N.
It’s different for everyone. For example I took almost a year to brake mine but I still have this “screen time addiction “ (being on the phone for a long time) and I still don’t know how to improve it
James J.
It's definitely going to take a while. Took me a couple of years really. You have to set strict boundaries on how much time you spend on screens in general. While you're doing this, spend more time doing other things. This could be going to the gym or reading just to name a few. As you focus more on other things, video games will begin to fade from your mind. Keep in mind it's not an overnight fix. Take it easy and you'll get there eventually. I believe in you and good luck.
Stephanie C.
to break an addiction could be 2 weeks to a month. If the video Game is removed from your life completely it would take only 2 weeks. A detox.
Jay S.
I’m not a psychologist, so I can’t really give an informed answer to that. However, I have kicked addictions in the past, and although the first days, weeks and months are the hardest, staying away from something you’re addicted to is an ongoing thing that you will need to work on for years – not every day for years, but some days, or nights, you may feel that compulsion, or you might be curious as to how it would feel to do that thing now that you’ve not done it for so long.
Thorben M.
I always try not to start playing at game since once I get into it, it's hard to take break. I can go on hours playing games. But if i don't start any game then its not problem for me. But sometimes I crave for game so that time i play and play for hours.
Ivy Z.
It takes time…breaking this habits is not as easy as it seems. It could take a month or week or even a year. But u just have to stay strong through the process and keep reminding urself the reason why u have chosen to break that addiction
Sara C.
Any addiction is bad. Everything should be balanced out. Personally, I don't think playing video games is bad, but when it takes out more than gives – time to work on that. No matter how – quickly or slowly – you will come to the point of relief of your addiction – the most important point is to maintain your strength.
Tammy U.
This is dependent on how long it will take for you to recognize the addiction and act on it by gaining self control because an addiction is always subconscious hence you will feel your life slipping away because all your attention is focused on the game and you will not have any time for achieving your personal life goals; and if this is being experienced then it's time to take back your life into your own hands, I suggest that you start by placing yourself on a limit and try to be more productive in that free time. I hope this helps.
Eli Zer P.
I think you can easily break it one time and everytime, but if you want to get rid of the addiction, it have to take longer time. Cause thqt is what is the hardest of that. So Iwould say from one week to 6 months
Lucy E.
It doesn’t take long when you find something outside of the screen that makes you happy and you would want to do that more like maybe working out or taking walks while listening to music.
Jaime Q.
Depends on the strength of the addiction. For me I stopped after a month because I was fasting it for religious reasons. My word of advice, just focus on doing your best not to play it day per day, not forever. It's called baby steps. Also a mental trick, think of yourself as someone who doesn't like video games.
Tatiana Y.
I actually don’t know. The only video game I have ever played was Roblox and some people don’t consider that to be a video game. I go in fazes with that kind of stuff. Sometimes I really like it and sometimes I don’t. Just try to be open to getting outside and your body will thank you for it later.
Marius Z.
That can take somewhere between three weeks to two months.
However, you will start to see some changes in about a week. By three weeks, you will see noticeable changes, and by two months, you should be fully back to normal. You have to understand that before your brain resets, anything you do will be less fun.
Mc Kayla O.
It might take weeks to months to stop a video game addiction. I recommend figuring out how much time you regularly play. Then every day you play for one less hour until you only play for 60-30 minutes a day. So you won’t be so addicted to your game. Try picking up a book, working out, baking, cleaning, or even just getting outside when you are bored. You got this don’t give up stop the bad habit of playing!
Ida P.
I’m not sure, but one time I was getting addicted to a game, and the only way to break the addiction was deleting the app and I didn’t talk anymore with my game friends
Hayley S.
Personally a habit takes 21 days to form but 1 day to break it, with addictions it’s different. At first you want to start cutting how long you play video games in half and then keep decreasing the amount of time once a week until you feel as tho you have broken the addiction
Claire B.
It's different for everyone. Addictions are the hardest things to overcome. It's possible to just start setting a timer and say after an hour you'll stop gaming and go for a walk. Or drink some water and take a nap if needed. Maybe try to cut it down to less time every day? It's such a hard thing to do but it is definitely possible. You've got the power to do so because YOU are in charge of yourself. Start with small steps.
Jenny U.
I haven't been in a situation like this but I believe that setting boundaries and making baby steps every day will help you achieve your goal!
Sofia P.
Long, i dont know how zo explain but i got rid of video game addiction bc i couldnt play on my laprop cuz it was slow and when a game starts to be boring ofc ur gonna stop plqying it
Nikolaj G.
For me it took about 3 days since I wasn't a video game addict but if you are its probably going to take you about 1 week or more than that 'cause it takes time to break past habits down and build new habits up and take your time with that and don't force yourself. I wish you best on your journey, Good Luck!! ♡
Kamil T.
I have not broken mine yet, but I am working on it. I have begun supplementing my video game time with reading online books, in the same way someone supplements sunflower seeds when they stop smoking.
Luis F.
long time, sometimes i can't get off of my phone for hours. im just sitting there wasting my time and saying i will put my phone back in a minute, and by me not even noticing, whole day passes. i will try to be better from now on!!
Thomas X.
It depends on what kind of game it is. I usually play role playing games. I know it's very addicting, but try doing it cold turkey. It took me a couple of years. Now I hardly play a video game. Keep trying and don't give up.