I have to resist the urge to tell myself I’m too tired to read, or to not nap on the couch in early evening. Any ideas?

Philip N.
Maybe you could tell yourself „just 5 min or just one page“ and while you are doing it you her curious about it asbestos can easily continue
Alessio Q.
If I try to read at any time in the afternoon or early evening, I get very sleepy, even if I felt completely awake before I sat down. So I don’t read at that time of the day. I keep moving and then I feel fine. If I am tired but don’t have time for a nap or know that it’s a bad time to nap, I’ll do the yoga position called “legs up the wall” for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not a difficult position and it is energizing. I save my reading for later at night, before bed, so if I get tired, I can go on to sleep.
Sophia P.
Accept that is how you feel. All too often I think we punish ourselves for feeling these urges and it only makes them harder to resist. Perhaps once you’ve accepted that’s how you feel, begin to tell yourself that you also feel something else as well. You feel a want to change and even though you really want to have a nap, it’s ok. But that you will try just a few minutes to read this time. And maybe the next time a few minutes more. Accept the temptation will be present, but little by little it might fade once you focus yiur energy on something else. Hope this helps x
Jonas P.
Count back wards 5,4,3,2,1 for the things you should be doing instead. I learned that it will activate our brain and will actually keep us off our butts.
Alito Z.
The best way to fight sleepiness is to get up and do something. Try doing some house chores like straightening up your home or cleaning. Going for a walk is also a good idea.
Molly Z.
You could pick your favorite book even if you've read it multiple times and just read it. As well as sitting on a comfy chair.
Belinda C.
I find sometimes just doing something with my hands or doing something short term is good for winding down but staying awake…like drawing or looking for a recipe I would like to make. It seems less daunting and tends to be relaxing.
Alexandrino A.
Maybe try to improve your sleep hygiene. This is the habits and things you do before bed. But it is also completely ok to feel like you need to take naps or rest. Maybe take breaks during work and rest. Rest helps improve your
dreariness even though it’s not really sleeping.