At what time do you disconnect your phone and other electronic stuff?

Taylor Z.
Usually around 10 o’clock, maybe 10.30 some nights. About 20-30 minutes before I go to bed. I check my notifications, meditate, write what I’m gratefull for that day. Then brush my teeth, get in to bed and read for about 30 minutes before I sleep 🙂

Kai C.
At the moment I do it at 21:30 but I plan to make it later once my wake up routine is set in stone. I do this because I take a few hours to fall asleep and disconnecting earlier means I actually fall asleep around midnight

Jost C.
I am terrible at doing this but I try to do it by 11:30pm or 12am, about half an hour before I get into bed (small goals). Then I *try* not to check my phone after I get in bed – I set screen time limits on my phone for the nighttime in my settings.

Emma B.
Because I work shift work, it depends on the specific time. But at least 30 mins before bed, and usually another 30 mins through the day.

Nathana L Q.
I think the intention is for it to be at bedtime. I cut minee off at 7pn because that's when I help my kids with their homework or read to them. and have them do chores before going to bed.