Is it recommended to take days off from your phone?

Alice U.
Yeah. Staying off your phone clears your head. No matter what the drama follows you. I deleted all my social media and it doesnt help. I started going off my phone for the comfort of being alone. Sometimes you need space to be by yourself and to be with your family. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Liliana P.
Yeah, it would give your eyes eyes a break and give you a chance to get away from any stress that technology causes you.
Marjorie E.
There's a saying that goes "habits are easy to form but hard to break. " Same goes for using your phone except, instead of breaking the habit of spending too much time on your phone, I see it as forming the habit of using your phone less. Since we waste an ungodly amount of time doing counterproductive things with our phones, taking a day or days off from your phone will definitely bring about some mental clarity and you'd be surprised how much time you will have to do more fulfilling, meaningful activities.
Sebastian P.
I think it’s a good idea to take time away from your phone. It’s good to remind yourself that, despite the seemingly infinite (although realistically, rather limited) number of realities in your phone, there is a lot of great and interesting stuff going on out here in the real world you might otherwise miss
Sarah J.
Well, it depends! If you have a lot of important work related phone calls and notes you would perhaps first have to find a way to receive those messages in another way, or maybe they were not that important in the first place. Secondly you should consider what calls or messages that would be important to you on a personal level that you do not want to miss. For example calls from your family and friends who you might not meet every day. Thirdly you should consider if any dangerous situation could arise if you do not have your phone. Would you be able to call 911 in some way if it was needed? Would someone else be able to contact you if anything happened to your family or friends? Lastly I think that you should reflect on why you want to have phone free days. Is it because certain apps take to much time from your day or because they chase you at work. Perhaps such problems could be fixed in other ways like uninstalling all unnecessary apps or putting the phone in do not disturb mode after work. So in conclusion if you consider the risks I think that phone free days or part solutions could be very beneficial.
August E.
I think it is recommended and it is a great idea. However what if you are working on your phone most of the time. I think, maybe, not taking days off from the phone, but not wasting time with worthless apps, games, social media etc. Only using the tools that you need.
Jonathan E.
I like to have entirely digital-free afternoons or days without using my phone, computer or TV. Instead spend some time outside, read a book, paint, exercise, meet with friends or family, journal, meditate, etc,
Donald Z.
Ye.. it is. It allows you to find the things you love doing and allows your mind to find a peaceful place. For me it gives the chance to do my hobbies and get away for work and studies