I tend to do the washing and tidying up at the end of the day but it makes me go to bed late. How can I get to bed earlier?

Airum C.
hi! Okay..well, I think that it might depend on what time you get home. If you get home around 6,7 ish, maybe you can do the most important stuff or just half . And then wake up earlier to do the rest. That way you can go to sleep earlier.
Romarico Q.
The easy answer is to set an alarm to get yourself to start doing all those earlier in the evening. I know it’s not easy to get used to though, but an alarm reminder will help 🙂
Elias F.
I do smaller amounts of tidying and washing up through out the day if not just in the afternoon when I’m having a dip in my energy. This helps me feel accomplished and gets me back in the mood to get things done.
Margaux S.
For me, I have had to play around with what needs to go when in order for me to get to bed on time. I may intellectually like doing things a particular way, but it may not work.

I try different times to do things til I see what works.

If you putter a little to much when tidying up (“oh… that’s where this was! Let me look at it and then put it away…” and time passes so I’m late) one thing that can work is a timer.

Decide when you’re going to be in bed. When you start tidying set the timer so it rings at the time you need to stop and when it rings… stop exactly where you are. Don’t finish what you’re doing. Just stop.

Or if you like the puttering, start the process earlier.

Play with it and see what works.

Rudolf U.
Maybe waking up earlier and doing washing and tidying up in the morning works better, after yourefuel from that morning water bottle !