How do I go about convincing myself to put down my phone and stop watching YouTube?

Paul T.
Tell yourself that the video will still be there when you're done. There's much more important things to do for YOURSELF than watching YouTube and being unproductive
Raul C.
Replace the unwanted action with a positive action. Set up a comfy environment with tea and a good book. Put your phone on charge on the other side of the room. Read your book and drink tea. If you need help starting this action (like me cause I have ADHD), ask someone to keep you accountable to do what you really want to do. If they're present, tell them you want to stop watching YouTube and do another action at say, 8pm, and you'd like them to remind you that what you want to do. If they're not present, ask them to message or call you to remind you.
Enrique Y.
Turn your phone off and set it away from you or set your phone in a different room if that helps. Do not take your phone to bed with you!
Lauren N.
Think at the end of the day how much you could have gotten done? Was your time wasted? Family to me is really important but it seems that I watch YouTube a lot to! I’ve had to realize that family is only there for a short time but YouTube is there forever. It’s all about what matters most to you! There is nothing wrong with watching it though, just not all the time. What is your purpose?
Marie Z.
You can watch YouTube as much as you want during your free time and during daytime… now it is time to Rest.. YouTube is always there…your time keeps going… don't waste your time on unprofitable things.. Ise it wisely and rest your brain and body and soul.. recharge for greater and better day
Joanne P.
You need to set a boundary. Take the time to pick one or two more videos and decide to be productive. Use it as a reward only after you’ve accomplished something productive.
Mr Barrokas N.
You can try to reduce the number of subscriptions, let's face you can't see everyone's videos everyday! Then you need to find other activity that you like and a more healthy one, for example a sport, or just reading or watch a TV show with more content! You see, most of the videos on YouTube are short, so you find yourself watching another video because you have time, if you try to watch something longer you will feel that you don't have that much time, and you realize that is way harder to focus on a longer video! The more you watch YouTube the more you'll feel that something that takes more time from your day will be harder to do, and there's always another video to watch you will never get to watch them all, is impossible! Just find friends who want to hangout and walk, talk laugh, watch a movie with them, and stop wasting time with you tubers that give you nothing in return, start watching just the ones you think that can make you a better person tomorrow then you are today! Have a great day! 😁