How do I not answer emails or text messages the second I get up.

Albane T.
I keep my phone on do not disturb until I get through my morning routine. You could save emails and texts until you do your deep work part of morning routine.
Ad Lia Z.
Put your phone on airplane mode before bed, and commit to not taking it off until you have completed the rest of your morning routine. If your routine feels less exciting than what’s in your phone – try to add one thing to it that you really enjoy doing – reading, getting to really enjoy your breakfast or coffee, 20 minutes of a hobbie you love but don’t spend as much time as you’d like on. Hopefully that will help distract you from your phone, and over time you’ll realise that all the notifications and emails will wait until you are ready:)
Alan Q.
Drink your water first thing, before anything. Put your electronic devices on 'Airplane mode' every night, so that until you turn it off, nothing comes through. Set up specific times to check your emails, and don't look at them at any other time.
Janet S.
Avoid this by fighting the urge to scroll through your notifications the minute you turn your alarm off. The quicker you can get away from the phone, the better!
Luis O.
This was one of my issues as well. Whenever I got a notification or an email, I used to immediately answer to it. The first step I took was to disable my notifications on emails, facebook, any other distractions. It wasn't easy and it took me a week or two to get used to it but eventually it became a habbit. Important is to try and do your best and continue on improving your life choices. You already started your journey by asking this question.