What do you recommend doing when we face the disconnect habbit challenge?

Diego A.
Disconnecting is more than turning, all, electric items off….. Its about taking the time to centre and meditation helps with thar

Margot Z.
I do keep my phone next to my bed so I have an alarm set on my phone but it turns off automatically at 11pm and onagain at 4pm as well as having the internet off on my phone while I'm sleeping so I don't get any notifications. This generally stops me from going on my phone and I make sure I say goodnight to everyone before I turn off my wifi on my phone. It really helps sleep knowing that all my friends and family know that I am not replying because I am asleep and that I am not ignoring them and having them know I am doing this whole Fabulous thing they are supportive. A good friend will understand that u want to disconnect before bed 🙂