How can we disconnect and unplug when we are supposed to be using the Fabulous app (this requires the use of my phone)?

Arina F.
I would say that disconnecting means stop obtaining information from net and social video bscause it overloads the brain. If the disconnect and unplug habit will be located the last in tge list of habits, you can do all the tasks first and them move to disconnect and unplug and simply set your phone aside wearing Bluetooth headphones and listen to suggested relaxing sounds. This is how it works for me.
Eleonora G.
You don't disconnect and unplug forever. It's like you take from 15 minutes to one hour to just think and be alone with your thoughts, no electronics or stuff like that. When you're done you can come back and mark it as finished.
Joel O.
After my kids had dinner and baths, and they are settled in their bedrooms. I go into my bedroom for downtime and unplugged from everyone by putting my do no disturb on.
Karen O.
I tick the final items off, before I do them when I switch my phone off for the night cos I know they're going to be my next steps