How do you switch off when you’ve had a stressful day and your mind is whizzing around and won’t stop?

Jeannie N.
I try to get quiet and peaceful. I’ve stopped watching tv in the hours before bedtime in favour of relaxing activities and self-care
Poppy O.
Switching my brain off can be super challenging at times, that isn’t helped by the fact I have ADHD too so in the evenings, my medication wears off and my brain goes a little ballistic! I used to just stay in that whirred up state, do housework till late at night (even though I’d been up since 5am for work) completely wearing myself down to the ground until I would just burn out? Since lockdown in March 2020 I have picked up embroidery as a hobby. I find it super calming and it means my focus can be put into creating something beautiful. I find journaling every evening is also very effective. However, some days I can’t switch off and thats okay? Sometimes i can calm myself down and other times I feel like I’m the passenger in my brain and something else is driving us around lol. Breathing techniques before I sleep, meditation, herbal tea and a hot water bottle are my top things for bedtime rituals 🙂
Charlotte S.
Such a great question and this is something I've been trying to work on for a while. I find a few things help, so firstly I've been trying to keep a gratitude journal which I just write 3 things in each evening sometimes even just 1 word for each. This helps me to slow down because I have to sit and focus to think of the three things and then since I'm searching for positives that has a good effect to sort of re frame my thinking slightly. If my mind is still racing I might put on an audiobook or podcast or if I'm feeling really committed will try a sleep cast on headspace which are designed to be soothing (or boring). A few other things help too like I've found a really nice pillow spray which really helps, perhaps a bit of bedtime yoga if I'm really stressed and also some breathing exercises as well. Some of these things only work after other things, for example if I went straight for just audiobook and my mind was still racing I would just not listen and get lost in my mind… so doing a bit of breathing before can help to set my mind slower. Hope some of this was helpful and good luck!
Carlos Y.
When I am stressed out I tend to shut everything out which isn’t a good thing.To help me comp with stress I like you make myself believe on repeat and say “I am strong I can get through this”. Stress is a very annoying thing and I’m saying this as a person who doesn’t get bothers so easily by things. Telling yourself you’re strong always helps. GIVE IT A TRY!
Celebrate W.
Some things that help me unwind…getting into soft PJs, plugging my phone in in a different room (not my bedroom), taking care of my dog, washing my face with a special foamy silky wash and generally taking care of myself physically.
Alexis O.
I have a lot of difficulty with this as well. Breathing exercises where you focus on your breathing alone has helped. A good puzzle..suduko helps me also. I will sleep with heavy blankets and a pillow over my head to ward off anxiety too.