What do you do to disnnect and unplug? For how long do you do these activities?

Jennie F.
I would say I’d disconnect for about 5 hours per day. I explore, play instruments, and write for about an hour at a time
Russell Y.
I have a big problem of getting sucked into a void when connecting into Facebook. I find it’s best to not look at it say atleast a good hour before going to bed, no screens.
Caitlin T.
I disconnect by first allowing myself to prepare for sleep. I’ll tell my loved ones good night, check my applications, and then do my nightly body care routine. This allows me to physically and psychologically prepare for sleep rather than just laying down and forcing my brain to turn off.
Romy T.
Typically, I put away my phone and laptop and find something to do that isn’t digital. Rather than scrolling through my phone or watching TV, I’ll go for a walk, read a book, or do something else. I try to do this before bed, ideally 1 hour before I want to sleep.
Sometimes I’ll fold laundry, pack my lunch for the next day, or do other things that don’t involve technology as well.
Vivan T.
We don’t use our devices an hour before bed, a half hour after waking up, but no social media/news until morning routine is finished. Apps are used on the phone for learning/morning routine. Social media alerts are turned off.