how can we disconnect from social media? i am trying a lot but now it has become a habit that automatically I pick up the phone and just start scrolling feed. i want to change this habit so how can i do?

Iuri I.
1.Plan your day earlier
2.Befor go to sleep put phone far away from the bed
3. Prepare some glass of water from evening near the bed
4.After closing the alarm start make your plans
5.Don't check the sm before you finish plans
6.Do it till you' ll get the habit
7. Or just make detox. Delete all social media and save most important contacts for job and family
Rein N.
I’m not an expert, but by using your phone’s settings you can disable certain apps for specific times of the day. ( like social media ) or putting your phone on airplane mode.
Thea F.
Well this is my problem too I pick up the phone when I wake up and I have lost a lot of time when I figure out what I'm doing.
However let's start to just make it less everyday. And one day we will be capable of putting it away by our will.