what do you do when you feel you cant disconnect from your phone and mentally from stuff?

Jim O.
Then put physically long distance barrier between yourself and the phone or the thing you wanna get disconnected. For example, I put my phone in a cabinet, in the living room, before I go to sleep in my room. If I feel like using the phone, then I have to get up, open the door, go to the living room, and open the cabinet–sounds like too much hassle.

In short, just create inconvenience between the thing you want to get disconnected.

Mya T.
I feel annoyed sometimes when I can't disconnect from my phone, tv or xbox. I feel disconnect from the real world in a way
Antonia N.
I use apps to meditate or I read a book. Sometimes talking with someone distracts me from the things I am trying to disconnect from. I think I have to do whatever feels right at the time. If I want phone free time and I know why I want it or need it then the way I deal with the disconnecting changes depending how I feel. If I want to feel connected it’s best to speak woth others. If I feel overwhelmed it’s good to meditate. If I am bored then reading and being taken into a different story helps. And sometimes I just have to be firm and know it will help in the long run.
Joey N.
Normally I force myself to put my phone down and listen to music, if I can't I just ride it out. It usually lasts a couple of days. If it's really bad I would ask someone to monitor how long I spend on my phone because by then I can't do it myself. I don't know why but I guess I just can't let go of certain things on my phone, like a piece of news I need to investigate or something in the real world I need to get away from. I hate myself when I'm glued to my phone and little things but I'll get over them. I'm only 13 but since I have found it hard to control myself when it comes to time on my phone I know how to deal with it. Most of the time I just want something to do mindlessly when I'm bored and if you're the same then just put the phone down, ignore whatever you are holding on to, and if you do it for long enough you'll find something more productive to do mindlessly. Find it. Get lost in it. And when time has passed and you realise you have done it for hours, you've done something productive. I just finished misery by Stephen King and have now rekindled my love for reading. This app has helped keep my goals in sight so keep the app, put the phone down and get a hobby, basically.

Hope this has been helpful (sorry if it was a bit long, I haven't done it before) (•‿•)