When should I disconnect from my phone ? A couple hours before bed? Right before I go to bed ?

Imogen B.
Only you can know what is realistic for you, some people say an hour and having no devices in the bedroom, personally I switch everything off half an hour before bed and have my phone on do not disturb ten minutes before I put my light out.

Frederick E.
I think I should disconnect from my phone a couple ours before going to bed. Because the phone light keep us more awake. So, if we unplug our phone a couple ours before going to bed we will be more relaxed. That way we will sleep more easily.

Alison C.
I’ve been typically disconnecting my phone and turning off all electronics (tv) about 30 minutes to 1 hour before I go to bed.

Julissa N.
I say at LEAST an hour before bed. This gives your body time to adjust to not having that blue light and giving you time to relax your body to a state where it will be easier to fall and stay asleep

Isabella F.
A couple hours before if possible. It will give your mind a chance to fully shut down and allow you to have better sleep. If you can’t put your phone down, at least try scheduling it to go to night shift mode whenever you go to bed. This action helps to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Oc Ane A.
Two hours or more before you go to bed are optimal for good sleep. At least leave your phone in another room before going to bed, if you look at your phone while in bed your brain will connect bed to phone and wide awake and not to sleeping!!!

Rucsa F.
I usually prepare a couple of hours in advance, before the actual disconnect time. I do this so I can easily get in the mood when the time is right. Usually the time per-se for disconnecting is right before going to bed..so this helps me todo a smooth transition towards it

Daniella O.
Give yourself at least 30 minutes of time before going to bed to disconnect. This gives your brain time to register that it's time to shut down

Richard J.
Думаю, выключать телефон прямо перед сном – бессмысленно. А пару часов я не продержусь. Полчаса – оптимальное время, на мой взгляд. За это время можно почитать книгу или послушать музыку, может быть

Stephanie Y.
Since I just started to do my routines again, I usually use my phone to keep up with what I am supposed to do. However, when I had memorized my routines, I usually would stop using my phone after eating dinner. I would put my phone to charge and I would do my night routine without it. Unless it’s an emergency I wouldn’t use it until the next day.

Storm F.
As soon as you start winding down, whether that’s putting the kids to bed or just after doing your final tidy up for the night

Jamie E.
I like to go 30 minutes before bed. That way I give myself some time to unwind by doing skincare and doing a bedtime stretch ☺️

Hamdi N.
A couple hours before because you won’t really be able to go to sleep when you put down your phone right when your about the sleep because you have been staring at the