My night routine is much longer than before and I often get tired and lose motivation, what can I do?

Honorato P.
Maybe try doing your routine a little earlier than you have been. That way it gives you enough time and you can go to sleep earlier.
Ad Le B.
You can save some time by making some long term arrangements, like placing your medication spot in the bedroom, having your dairy at your bedside table etc. Cutting internet and social media time before the bed releases huge amount of time. Also, it is just some 30 min of routine, but if you make it joyful, caring for you mind and body, you start looking forward for the bed time.
Frederick W.
Try to get you work done earlier so you can start your routine earlier. Even if you have to leave some work until the next morning it’s better to do that work with a mind that is more alert.
Roland T.
I think keeping it really simple and doing taxing things earlier in the day when you have more energy helps 😊. Also try to set an alarm to start getting ready for bed so you don’t get sucked into binge watching or scrolling through your phone and lose track of time and/or motivation. Doing things you love and look forward to at the end helps. For example, I dry brush my skin and take a shower or bath every night before bed and it feels really nice and I always look forward to it so it is a good motivator.
M Lissa C.
I found it helpful to break mine into a home from work and then a night routine . The home from work I do right when I arrive. It i
Now includes prepping for the next day. I used to do that at the night routine but it was long and started me thinking about the next day. When giving space in between it separates work from home.The night one became shorter, more relaxing and included my devotions and nightly gratitude so I end on a positive note.
Terry Q.
You should do all things you can before the night routine starts, so it doesn’t get too long and you won’t feel tired. Or you can just start your night routine a little earlier, that’s just a little change but can make a big difference.
Zeneida Q.
Not put on the tv. Take Dill for a walk straight away when I get home. Then go out for a run on my own.
I need visual stimulation to enhance where I’m going & where I’m heading! Find it don’t lose yourself in oblivion!
Monika M.
Keep only the essential, remove a bunch of things, trying to do too much will prevent you to do at all. Better to do less and doing it then doing too much and stopping. It’s like the marathon runner 🏃‍♀️, if you start too fast you won’t finish the race. Find the right rythme and speed up when ready!