Does disconnecting for the night help?

Paul Q.
lately i havnt really been disconnecting. i have been staying on my phone and on tiktok untill i get bored of it or decide it is time to sleep. i do think that disconnect from the internet and reducing my screen time helps me have a better sleep because it clears my mind and is more peaceful and less busy. i quite enjoy being by myself with my thoughts. one night this week i didnt go on my phone at bed time and i slept straight through from 9:30 pm to 8:54 am. i felt much better.

Constance Y.
Yes it does help. When you use your phone or other device right before you sleep your brain become active and it’s harder to fall asleep. It’s really helpful to leave your device at least 30 minutes before you sleep

Misty U.
Yes, it makes sure i receive my required amount of healthy sleep, also gives my brain enough time to rest and be stress free

Nataka C.
I think it does you dont feel that stress of day that you have to finish that next and that day after you just feel really relaxed and go to sleep with positive mind

Mabel J.
I often find it hard to put away my phone before i go to bed but when I do, it gives the brain time to rest and i usually Sleep better

Duarte F.
I definetly think that it helps. It can be really hard to get off your phone. There are many things you can do instead of go on your phone before you sleep, or just in general. Reading is a great way to learn new things/words or to have fun. So is a hobby like knitting or crocheting! Or doodling 🙂

Deanne X.
Not yet but I think a long term habit is going to take a while to break then you have to break the second habit that came from the habit of playing with technology.

Jeppe G.
It definitely helped to put my phone down and not look at it for a long time. I did still watch TV but that's the next step.

Charlie N.
Absolutely!! I honestly don’t completely disconnect but just listening to music and reading or calming down while being on my phone/device for as little as possible does seem to help my sleep

Victoria W.
Yes, it does! It makes me feel more aware of what's happening around me, in the real world. It also makes me feel like I'm doing something good, and that makes me happy!

Jeanne Z.
Yes, I feel as though I use social media as an escape and it works quite well and I never see a problem with it. I feel happier when I’m off it.

Julia W.
It really does! I enjoy being able to wind down after a long day. I spend more time on reading books, meditating and stretching, which is great!

Ava V.
I don't know if disconnecting helps but the activities I do before sleeping definitely helps. Like reading a book or listening to music helps a lot & relaxes me.

Aakash I.
Yes, I disconnect at least ½hr to 1 hour before sleeping and I gets time for my diary and manifestation…..before I used to use mobile till my eyes shuts automatically, and random negative thoughts also overcome me but since I practicing this disconnect method I used that 1 hour to heal myself.

Izzy N.
yes it does it makes me think about my surroundings and focus on me more, and not continuously scroll through media looking at others lives, wishing that was me

Sharad P.
Yes, significant improvement in the time difference between you lying down and you entering sleep. Usually, it took me around 1-2 hrs sometimes more to reach that state and because of my morning routine which deadset on committing to, I'd get up by 6. This was causing serious repercussions on my focus while doing something. Now that I'm disconnecting at night, although it still takes me around half an hour but I'm sure to get a good night's sleep. Hope this helps.

Hanne Lore Z.
It absolutely does! It's okay to watch a movie on Netflix or look at Instagram right before bed sometimes, ut I have found that I get so much less anxious and that I sleep much better if I quietly read, journal, meditate, or do something else instead before I fall asleep!

Rachel T.
I believe that it does, especially for me. I have major anxiety and taking that time to just disconnect from social media, TV, etc. Just laying down in bed in the darks listening to ambient soundscapes is soothing. Just allowing your mind to relax and not focus on anything but the soothing sounds.

Kaitlyn U.
It does for me. I stretch and meditate right before I go to bed and after I set my alarms and such for the next morning. I’ve found that even though it’s been less than a month or so, it’s easier for me to fall asleep (I normally take a whole alternate reality dream scenario at least) and that I feel calmer and more relaxed when I finally lie down for the night. I think the meditation is the most helpful part for me because it quiets my brain and I feel more centered and focused on the present which makes it easier to fall asleep (less what if’s and should haves)

Marshall Y.
Yes. I wind down a lot easier. I also find myself focusing on what is important to me, rather than losing valuable time surfing around addictive social media.

Maria Z.
Yes. The eletronic devices can take us good nights of sleep. So, we need to put away our devices at least one hour before going to bed.

Maria Y.
Yes it does! You should also make it a habit to go into a quiet and dark place with some music to allow your inner peace to awaken. I did this for the first time yesterday and I have never slept better!

Maureen C.
Disconnecting for the night did help me! I was doubtful because I have a sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia where I’m more tired than the average person due to poor quality sleep, and I need more sleep than average. My doctor and I finally found a medicine that helps with some of the symptoms causing my sleep quality to be poor. However, since I can pretty much always fall asleep in my bed and have to fight to not doze off early, I thought electronics wouldn’t matter. It turns out that disconnecting is a good idea for me anyway. I can put my phone on Do Not Disturb mode, use the time to care for myself or quietly do something I enjoy, and I wind up with more refreshing sleep. I’m also not going to bed angry or anxious about something mean somebody said to me on social media.

Katrine W.
It helps a lot. Bright lights simulate day time and the activities you perform on the internet keep the mind active and awake, causing you to sleep late.