Any advice on how to maintain a good evening routine, if the time you sleep fluctuates a lot due to work?

Yashica I.
Heyy user, for me I try my level best to cut off my phone or any digital items time and I will ensure that I complete my self care routine before I sleep (skin care, self love, etc). At times, I feel the need to stay awake longer thus dirsupting my routine but what I do for this is I try and make up for it for example the next day I'll take more care of myself or smth. I always try my best to keep a consistent sleep routine everyday and always try to finish my work before my "self care" time. If it helps, you can reward yourself!!

Hope this helped,
fellow user 🙂

Earl U.
Set up an alarm to disconnect from your day and start your evening routine, as you would do in the morning. And same advice as for waking up: don't press the snooze button.