What are your tips for disconnecting?

Paula N.
I leave any electronics in a different room. Lay down, or sit. Take a deeeeeep breath. Feel my body sink into the bed, sofa or chair. Like melting. Trusting the piece of furniture to hold me fully, firmly as I let go…. hands on my belly as I feel it rise and fall. If I’m sitting I play “follow the leader” with my breath. And slowly I allow my body to do its thing. When the mind wonders, like a child, I gently bring it back without getting angry. A thousand times if needs be. I feel chilled just writing this x

Tracey J.
Disconnecting depends on the context for me. It can be as simple as switching off my phone, to disconnecting from other's expectations of me through consistent meditation. Whatever strategy I adapt, it has to help me reconnect to the truth within me; the silent presence. The tuning in shifts my perspective, and fills my day with purpose again.

Sofia C.
I usually put my phone on my desk, on the other side of the room and put some meditation music. I make sure my phone notifications are turned off so I don't hear any texts or emails coming in. If i hear the sound i will usually think about it until i have to get up and check what it is. The meditation music helps me organize my thoughts and calm my mind before going to bed.

Jon A.
I have a hard time with this. I don’t have a set time when I do this. But the most effective way for me to disconnect is to completely remove my phone from the room. Out of sight out of mind.

I mostly take the phone into my bedroom and place it under a pillow.

I dislike notifications and alerts. Most of my notifications are turned off and my phone is always on silent.

I have found that if I see a screen I instantly want to check it. Placing the phone under the pillow reduces temptations to check when I walk into the room.

In order to reduce the anxiety of missing out on someone contacting me I check in with the people I want. I call family to hear how they are doing.

I avoid texting in order to reduce the time I’m waiting for the response. And reduce the time I spend on my phone responding to text messages.

Caroline J.
I ride home from work to wind down. I eat with my family, over the dinner table, with candles. I write down what I'm grateful for that day. I shut off my phone at 8pm. I meditate, have a tea. I finish the days chores, I get my bag for the next day ready. Then I spend time with my hubby.

Guy T.
I thought of it as the phone is not allowed in my room
I make green tea and I check every thing including ticking faboules then I put the phone on charge in the living room with my smart watch.
Ilay in my bed with my green tea and if I’m not sleepy I read.
I always have books next to my bed.

Antonios O.
Turn off your phone fully. Shut it down. Stow it in a drawer or give it to a loved one to hold onto. Go for a walk, or just sit outside for some fresh air.

Anastasiia F.
First I go somewhere where is dark, like a bathroom with no light, to let the eyes rest. Than I choose a thing to do that doesn’t involve phone or any display. Starring at the window, stretching, coming up with a plan to take over the World) Simply wondering around is helpful, notice what you’re thinking about when you walk with no specific purpose, think about why do you think about it.

Adelaide T.
Turn off notifications, especially on social media apps and ones that have a lot of notifications. Take notice of what it feels like to be present when you are not on your phone. Be strict about putting your phone down before bed or when working. Put it out of sight and turn it off.

Emily N.
Just get tough with yourself, pick a time, and put down the pad or phone, or log off the computer at that time EVEN if you’re right in the middle of a game. Just STOP, take a deep breath, and turn. it. off.

Floyd T.
Say goodbye to all my friend whom I talking to.
Turning off the WiFi or internet data on my cellphone.
Putting my cellphone away from my bed
Not having electronical devices on my room (just the necessary)

Irena U.
I just turn off my wifii and put my phone on DND mode (no vibration or sound) and y fall asleep soo quickly. In yhe morning just my alarm rings.

Michelle O.
I use an app called forest, it lets me use my phone as a tool e.g. As a dictionary or to look at fabulous, without being able to access an internet browser, the news or my messages. I also use sleep Town to disconnect overnight. If I'm really needing a digital break there's nothing like a deep drawer or a locked cupboard for my devices, haha

Bella U.
Putting my phone on disconnect mode or limiting screen time and not allowing myself to spend more time. When I click extend, I have to remember- so I really want to go on my phone or do I want some sleep. What will tomorrow self think? Often times the task is never urgent. I write it in a note and then go to bed.

Gertrude J.
Buy an alarm clock, and stop using your phone. Maybe one of those clock that wake you up with light? They are much nicer and this is the perfect excuse to leave your phone in another room. Sleep well!

Fane G.
Self appreciation for your time. Appreciate the time you dedicate to bettering, nurturing and nourishing you. Then you'll see how disconnecting becomes not only easier but important, the text, the show, the email, the call, it can wait, it can wait for the better, healthier you.

Brooke Y.
Find a hobby you like to do. Try new things, or learn something new. Try cooking something you haven’t cooked before! Treat yourself to a nice spa day. Take a long shower or a nice bubble bath. Treat yourself to anything your heart desires.

Kiara N.
I would say, just put your phone away and on silent mode and just focus on you and breathe. Also a Walk in nature helps me and listen to calming music

Courtney Z.
I like to set up my space so it is comfortable, I like to read to disconnect. I make sure to have a book that I am enjoying so it's something I look forward to reading each night.

Seth W.
Putting the electronics away, including personal and professional phones, and then do a 5 minutes relaxing breathing session.

Rh P.
I practiced disconnection often during the daytime. I will check the time and tell myself that in 10 or 20 minutes I will stop this and start something else. Sometimes I will set a timer. When the timer rings off, I stop to do that other thing.

At night, I will be prepared approximately one hour before the disconnection time. Some times I set a timer, other times I just simply check often. And when it is time to disconnect, I shut down the cell phone screen no matter where I am on the net. Sometimes I allow myself ~10 minutes to wrap up.

When I sleep, I keep the cell phone at least 2 meters away from the bed. So even if I wake up in the night and think about the things to check, I do not want to take the trouble to get up and check the cell phone.

Harry R.
I have a nightly skincare routine that helps me stay away from my devices for at least 20 min. If I'm still not tired afterwards, I read nonfiction afterwards to relax.

Kristina U.
I disconnect from my electronic devices and if I can from the space I usually spend my time in. I connect instead with things that maybe normally I don't have the chance to connect with, like nature, hobbies I have, I learn something new, I contemplate my surroundings.

Sara G.
Turn off your notifications or log out of social media at least an hour before bedtime, read a book or listen to a podcast before bed instead of scrolling through Instagram

Hiba X.
I set a time stamp for everything. So from 10 am to 11:30am I go on my phone and then my phone is off limits until 2 of 3pm (lunch break). At night I close off my phone 30mins before i sleep

Allison J.
I've been turning on meditation music and focusing on my breathing. I also imagine a warm white light moving from the top of my head, down my spine, and to my toes. It's kind of like counting sheep for me.

Leeloo W.
A night stand. With candles and books. I found that putting my phone far away doesn't really work if I don't have anything to replace the time I spent on it before sleeping. A book, even very interesting, puts me to sleep faster.

Ellie X.
Turn my screen to grayscale so it is less fun to look at before bed and when I wake up! Also planning on setting timers on my social media apps and consciously reflecting throughout the day