Once you are looking at an app or into a game, how do you escape the “just one other thing” vicious cycle?

Rosinalva I.
I set a hard deadline when I starr surfing any social media. E.g. I tell myself I will browse for 5 minutes and stop at 3.35pm exactly. It helps a lot. When the time is up, close whatever you're reading.

Also remind yourself you're not actually doing this because you want to, but because you're just trying to really distract yourself from something. Go and live out your life!

Bodo Q.
Haha,it is quite hard but you can ask your family member or friend to switch the internet off if you use it too much..make sure that friend or family member is not busy….and instead of spending the entire day in your phone,do something else which you are interested in.also try doing a challenge of spending one whole day without your phone or internet !

Playing video games and hanging out in your phone is not that bad if you limit it ,if you use too much (like majority of us!) it isn't the best thing ever….so,yaa.
Have a great day ☺️

Thank you