I find it hard to put my phone down in the evenings, even when I’m already in bed. I use my phone as an alarm and as and audiobook so I need it in my bedroom but I’d be grateful for any tips on how to resist the temptation to scroll through Pinterest right before I sleep!

Danielle C.
I used to do the same. I have fabulous set as read, then a short meditation session to help me switch gears, then disconnect and unplug with “darker quieter cooler” and it really helps me break down my zones rather than just trying to read myself to sleep. It’s still in my room with an alarm, but I have a dedicated time to put it down and focus on how relaxed and comfortable I am to help transition to sleep.
Randy W.
Usually when I wanna get off my phone I turn off my phone and go outside and once you realize that it's not that bad it gets easier everytime.
Veronique X.
Putting your phone in a place that is far from your bed could be a solution. That way you can still hear audiobooks with your hearphones, also in the morning you are forced to get up to turn off the allarm.