What if you’re in the middle of watching a video and you really want to see the rest of it but theres still 10 minutes left of it?

Emil N.
I think it depends. If it’s an enriching video, one that’s helping achieve your goals you could pause it, and finish it on a break, provided you are not in one already. If it’s one that is perpetuating a bad habit that you want to get rid of you could close the window or save it in your YouTube to watch later. You might ever do but it gives peace to your mind, makes it feel that’s still there to watch at some point and your appetite stop bothering you.
Sree N.
Usually I close when I am determined to shut off devices at a certain time… i try not to start something that may be prolonged.. But honestly, sometimes it does depend on what am watching… 90% of the time it’s just the strength of my determination to stick to a commitment I made to myself
Frederikke F.
It depends of the value of its content. I will stop it if it is a distraction, but will finish it I’m learning something new.