How you interact with someone who send you a message after you in DND (“unplugged”) mode?

Sebastian O.
I usually tell them before i sleep.. for example. At the evening, i will tell them taht i want to sleep at 9/10 pm.. or i just airplane my phone.. it help us actually but maybe i dont have lot of friends so it kinda benefits me.. but just tell yr friends about yr sleeping schedule.. i think they will understand and also they will contact you in the morning. Hope its works!!
Bachar P.
If someone send me a message when unplugged, I prefer to not respond.
I put my phone "mute" often when unplugged, so that when I reopen my phone and find that someone sent a message I can reply and say "Sorry, my phone was muted…"
Brandy E.
A simple text (afterwards) explaining I’m striving to disconnect on my social media/and re-connect with my kids, my designs and my internal peace… without having my cell/access to technology.