What is your disconnect routine at night?

Aneita S.
I turn my phone on flight mode, light a small dim lamp and play quiet Buddhist chants in the background. I light a candle and read a chapter or two of my book. I burn palo santo around myself, my bed and my crystals setting an intention for sleep. If I'm inspired I will pull an oracle card. I place the crystals under my pillow, blow out the candle, turn off the light and set my alarm. As I lay in bed eyes closed I place a hand on my heart and focus on my breathing saying a prayer and giving thanks. I may visualise an intention or ask for guidance. If called, I listen to Islamic prayers as I fall asleep.
Khadijah F.
I'll remember how it feel to woke up late and disrupt all day long because of my not so good mood in the morning.So I'll stay away from any distraction by doing other thing like studies.