How do you stay away from your phone when you struggle with insomnia.

Anass Z.
I don’t haha. For the first time last night I put away my phone to get ready for sleep, so we’ll see if that’s gonna keep working
Uamdao A.
When I couldn't go back to sleep some nights, I just closed my eyes and layed there, not worrying too much about sleep. The body needs some shut-eye and a break. So it's still better not to look at the phone. If it gets really long to sleep, I just read a book. It helps to read something that makes the mind calm and happy.
Todd J.
Great question. Long time habit of mine. I am trying to break this by turning the phone on silent, but even then I’m still looking at 2am. There really is no reason I need to look, and my approach needs to be from that frame of mind – mainly, asking why when I find myself reaching for the phone.

Next steps is to simply shut it off, OR, place it in another room. I’ve not done that since I use the phone as my alarm, which is just an excuse right now 😊

Samuel E.
This is a really difficult one. I have chronic pain, so I know the struggle of trying to stay away from my phone at night.
You can begin by reminding yourself that there is 0 chance you will fall asleep, so long as you are on your phone. Additionally, the more pressure you place on yourself to sleep, the less likely it will come. I tell myself ‘if sleep comes or not, it doesn’t matter. I am still going to let my body rest. Also, changing environment (maybe changing from the bed to the floor, or the couch) can actually be helpful. Finally, I listen to yoga nidra guided meditations. These allow the brain to rest and become energised even if you don’t actually fall asleep. There’s plenty of free ones for insomnia, some are better than others.