How can I develop a intellectual relationship with someone else in the world who would have time to care about me? That’s what I want from my screen, from the web.

Enrique J.
Perhaps go to intellectual websites such as Hoover Institute and read the comments and reply ir strike up a conversation about what you're learning. I'm sorry if that doesn't help. I, too, enjoy intellectual conversations as well. And as Thomas Friedman puts it, the internet has flattened the Earth allowing us to learn in real time with people across the globe.
Stefanie F.
I am afraid. I. Can't. Guarantee you if someone can remain committed or stick to you for certain time you're looking for as everyone is busy. In such case first you need to. See how much you know yourself. How much are you connected with your wants needs and desires. Like instance I am a single woman. I decide and decide my priorities into two groups. Personal and professional. Again personal goals are decided in certain areas like "
spiritual development (prayers), mental and physical development (exercise, meditation, mindfulness practice and reading books) ..apart to develop myself in professional platform I need to keep myself updated if any course or webinar can help me gain an insight… And in such case it helps me connect and reach to people in certain community. So my advice would be first decide your goal and focus areas and keep reading blogs Or look out for VLOGS. You might find your coach or mentor… Cheers
Hana X.
You could start with instagram, snapchat, etc.
Maybe you can start a conversation and ask how they are doing and start a friendship from there!
Barbara N.
I’m guessing from your question that you want to have similar conversations with people irl as oppose to on the internet. Well, in many city’s and places there are reunion groups or community centres where people might have similar interests to you. Look up the times and go. This also includes university seminars and workshops. There I am sure you can find someone with whom you can have a tantalising conversation.
Sou F.
Hi, you mean something like a virtual pen pal? I would suggest specific Forums or support group with like minded people with the same interest, hobby or problems. I actually did develop a sort of friendship in this way.
Mudit F.
I try to learn things together with my best friend. We share resources with each other on social media , instead of just random conversations.
Osohai E.
you can develop this by loving yourself you. Remember happiness, so blush with your heavenly smile and express gratitude to others. Do exercise daily, then you are gonna find the new you. XOXO
Ambre Q.
It depends on your interests, I think. There are so many forums online about different interests.. but those are not very personal. If you are interested in languages there are a lot of exchanges for that that are more one on one. Maybe you could find an online book club. I would honestly say, this is a question for the internet! If you do some research on google I'm sure you will find something with international friendships in mind. If you are looking for intellectual relationships in general, in would be easier to make them in real life first and use your phone to keep in touch. That is the essential purpose of our devices, in my opinion.