What ritual/s do you have that help you have a better sleep and wake up fresh the next morning?

Christopher C.
The first and most important is to drink water. When I drink my water I also take with that my medication for the night. Then I congratulate myself on a day well done. I begin to think a little on what was accomplished, and that usually opens the door to what I didn't accomplish. I don't shut out those thoughts completely, because they might help inform my dream world with ideas about how to tackle tomorrow's challenges. However, I try to be on the defense about getting too worked up, and I don't leave any room for negativity. I essentially practice a quiet mindfulness practice before I close my eyes. Gratitude and self-compassion are the secrets to good sleep, because they help to quiet the mind chatter that keeps us needlessly awake.
Princess P.
Personally, I would listen to Trevor Noah or John Oliver in my sleep, I just find their voices quite nice and pleasant to the ears that it has the power to lull me to sleep. Even though they're not your usual "Bed time stories", they are my type of "bed time stories" y'know? I think this is actually because, when I was younger I got so used of having my siblings with me in one room, and now that I have a room of my own, it kinda feels lonely or too silent to a point. So I have these talk show host as a background, as a way to somehow feel not lonely in a not so creepy way and you get to learn different news happenings and be updated to the world. Just lower the volume to your most preferred level of calm or silent – but not so silent – volume. If you want a break from people talking, you can try going to youtube and playing ambient songs or go the ones in the app.
Izadora Q.
Every night, an hour or so before bed time, I fill my cup of water and I light a candle and shut off all but one soft small light in my room. I also fluff my pillows, close my blackout curtains and declutter to prepare my space for sleeping. I turn on my humidifier and the night light on it. I then go to do my dental hygiene programme and then take a shower and make sure to wash my face. If needed I take an all-natural, non-habit forming sleeping pill. When I come back, I finish my skin care routine and already turn on a deep sleep playlist. I then crawl into bed, shut off my lights and by this time, I'm ready to sleep or to read 10 pages then sleep.
In the morning, as soon as I wake up, I take 3 big gulps of the water I set next to my bed and I open my blackout curtains to let in light. If it's still dark, I open them anyway to make myself get up and move. Next, I meditate before doing anything else to prepare for my day. After meditating, while listening to a podcast or news (to force me to focus), I do my skincare and make-up while enjoying some coffee. I then eat breakfast and update my bullet journal to reflect my day's upcoming activity. Once all the necessary morning tasks are finished, I will allow myself to look at social media or games if I want to.
Gleb Q.
I try my best to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. It's a good idea to put away your phone away from you as far as possible.
Robert G.
Gå tidligere i seng, drikke vand inden jeg går i seng. Mere bevidst om at trække vejret og koble af.
Om morgnen: sætte mig op og drikke vand og strække kroppen når jeg vågner. Ikke blive liggende og snooze.
Et bad og rent, pænt tøj og lidt makeup så jeg føler mig frisk og pæn og klar tip dagen
Izzie W.
Have washed before, not hungry, drink a glass of water, take a wudhu, and sleep right after had done the pray (Sholat Isya).
Jennifer P.
Since starting Fabulous I am trying to commit to disconnecting from screens by 10pm, Charging my phone in the lounge rather than at my bedside is part of my ritual which is already having a great effect.