How do you handle bedtime routine if you work varied hours at night and through the week?

Mariam U.
At whatever time you come home, even if it depends, make sure to always do your bedtime routine. For example, for me, my bedtime routine I start by doing my skincare, taking some time to cool down, think and meditate. If you are very exhausted after coming home from work, I think taking a fresh and warm shower and meditating would get you ready for bed if you cannot check off every single thing❤️
Elp Dio W.
I still continue to do the made things on Fabulous that I want to mark done, but I cut out things that might not be necessary. When I disconnect and unplug I use that time to clean up or medication or really anything else besides being on my phone. If I’m way past bed time I’ll use that time to do my goals instead.