I usually disconnect for a while in the afternoon and obviously at some point at night. When do you think the best time to unplug and disconnect is?

Knycol N.
I think the best time to disconnect would be mid-day to evening because you would have time to be productive and accomplish more things without being to tired or energetic.
Georgeta E.
I like to disconnect and unplug after I get off work for an hour. Then I like to take the dog for her walk and start my dinner
Rosa U.
I prefer night time to stop scrolling cuz using internet before bed time makes me awake for nearly one hour in the bed.Sometimes,I can't sleep well.So,I think night time is better to unplug.
Eleanor N.
Instead of having designated times for unplugging and disconnecting, I think we should have designated times for connecting and plugging in. It sounds scary but it is what I do. I login while working and twice more. Once in the morning for half an hour, after my exercise and once at night after dinner, again for half an hour. Unless there is an emergency, that is all the time I give to my phone. And it has made my life much smoother. Because its just half an hour, I have to plan what to do with that time. I have to prioritise. And all the mindless scrolling I used to do which was a huge time waster is no longer there. Ofcourse this does not include the time I spend talking to people, but that is off screen in an actual call. Anything that requires me to look at my phone or laptop or tab is limited to the mentioned times.
Becky U.
Well because I’m still in school, I’m usually in bed around 10pm and I start getting everything ready for the next day and do my night time routine at 8:45pm and that is when I disconnect and unplug. Hope this helps!