Why is disconnecting and unplugging an important habit?

David I.
Because you want to challenge anything that keeps you from doing what you want to do (all things being equal). We sometimes use things to distract ourselves from the things we love doing for fear of greatness or fear of the unknown, etc. It's important to break free from whatever is distracting us from doing the things that we love that make us happy. So sometimes, we have to "unplug" to find ourselves again everyday.
Aubrey E.
It allows space for other things that otherwise you may not have the time for – a new hobby for example. We get so sucked into screens that we lose sight of what is really important – being off screens can lead us to being more present to the environments and people around us.
Lauren P.
Constant distraction, have you read on a device about a sport, hobby, lifestyle, exercise etc. For longer than you’ve actually done those things.
Be rubbish at what you want to do is better than an expert who doesn’t.