What would YOU Consider disconnecting yourself to be?

Kyla X.
I consider disconnecting myself is when I turn off all electronics and just go do something like reading, colouring or even puzzles.
Mile S.
Stopping tasks that i am doing like working on assignments, coding, other work, or other things like youtube or gaming, and then starting what i call my end-of-day routine which consists of journaling, logging habits for the day, i also use the stoic app so i do the end-of-day questions on there, doing my evening routine in fabulous, planning for tomorrow, and then going to sleep.
Oliver W.
Turning off your phone basically. Take some time to yourself and relax a little. Light an incense, draw yourself a bubble bath, read a book, etc. Listen to some ambient music or Lo-Fi. Meditate. Manifest positive energy, praise yourself for making it through yet another day.