What does it help you the most to disconnect at night? I am still finding it hard to disconnect from my phone and not look at it right before going to bed…

Eleanor Z.
I set my phone in another room to charge overnight while I recap the day in my journal. I'll usually brew some tea to make this a part of the day that I look forward to.
Jade R.
I leave my phone in the other room and do something else that I enjoy doing. If I don’t see my phone I don’t get tempted to pick it up
Thalia Z.
Adding screentime limits to the biggest time wasting offenders has helped immensely. For me it was the social media apps. I put a daily limit of 1 hour on all of them (total) and once I reach that limit I don’t let myself ignore the screentime limit that was set. Much easier to disconnect when none of those apps are available.
Philip Y.
The reward is I feel refreshed in the morning. I sleep better. It’s hard to disconnect from my iPad because I feel almost a hypnotized relaxed feeling especially if I am sleepy. I fight to stay awake.
Now at 10:30 I start my bedtime routine, my motivation is a nicely made bed. Very quiet peaceful room, I crawl into bed with a book or just sit and gaze around and feel grateful. I am still a work in progress….but I hope this helped.
Basically bribe yourself with something super appealing following the moment you disconnect!
You can do this!
Beatriz P.
Switch it up with another activity, if you like to read start doing it before going to bed so you give yourself at least an hour of being off your phone. Turn it off or place it far away from your bed so that you can physically distance yourself as well
Diego C.
It helps to find other more relaxing things to do to keep you busy before you sleep and also relax you!
-a hot bath
-solving a Sudoku from a magazine
-listening to music from an mp3 player
Whatever relaxes you!
Dani C.
I try to plug it in to charge for the night a further distance away from my bed so I’m not tempted before bed. I also have an automatic setting on my iPhone that limits my social media apps for the day, turns them off at 10 pm and doesn’t like me open them until 7 am, obviously it’s your choice whether to ignore the setting or not but even being aware of the time you’re using the apps is improvement!
Petra T.
I am still trying and it’s so difficult!! I’ve had a little success by moving the charger away from my bed so that I don’t use my phone at bedtime. I want ask the same question!