What do you do instead of playing on your phone before bed?

Apolline E.
What I do instead of playing on my phone is cook, bake, do homework, clean, and walk my dog. I like to do these instead because I get to create something delicious and wonderful. I also get to achieve my goals in school while on quarantiene and get out for some fresh air with my pal.
Norberta S.
Meditating, but it's hard to break the habit of being on your phone before bed, it requires a lot of struggle because I feel incomplete when I "just" go to bed, instead of watching videos or being in Instagram other social webs. That feeling of not knowing what's happening during nightlife makes me wonder if I do the best way to beat myself everyday and then.
Jess T.
I read a book. Depending on the length (page and font size), I try to get in at least a chapter or two. That usually gets my mind off of work and worries and tires my eyes. If that doesn’t work, I play a podcast and let someone else read a story hehe.
Shaik F.
Think about my future and how I’m going to finally be financially independent and successful in my career. That excites me enough to distract me from the fact that I’m awake. I think up stories for my future like how I’m going to run into this opportunity or get that amount of money from running a future business. Things like that.
Jim Q.
I meditate before going to bed🌞I carry on with my night routine regularly.I sometimes forget to mark the activity😅fabulous really takes me on a journey and helps me communicate with my inner self.thank you all the people at fabulous for coming up with such a masterpiece☺️
Liam S.
🍵drink tea
👥have a relax conversation
🐕cuddle with your pet
✒️write poetry
🕯️light a candle
💡dim the lights
🛀Take a bubble bath
☁️dispense essential oils
📝make a to-do list for tomorrow
💌make a bucketlist
✉️write yourself a letter
💧Have a glass of water
💦skincare routine
Jennifer T.
I usually read a paper book. Some fiction that doesn’t take too much brain power and isn’t too exciting. Sometimes I read only a page or two, sometimes 10 or 15 pages. I read until I’m sleepy and then I fall right to sleep.
Pauline S.
Instead of plying on my phone I like to journal what happened today, take some time to read or meditate. and on the weekends I like to treat myself and watch an episode of a show I’m watching on my tv.