When you feel anxious/afraid/somewhat lonely what do you do?

Arndt O.
Deep, slow breathing is always good, but I've found 2 other really helpful tips to deal with when I'm anxious. First, is acknowledging the anxiety and telling myself that I'm currently at a anxiety level of ___ (1-10; example: a 7) and that I'd like to bring it down to a 2 for the next few minutes. By anchoring my anxiety to a number and then telling myself how much lower I want it I give myself a target to aim for. Secondly, talk to yourself (out loud or in your head) as a mom would her child. Be kind to yourself and tell yourself everything is okay.
Asta W.
If I felt afraid usually sometimes do something that makes me smile like go out for a walk and disconnect with electronics. If I felt lonely, I could talk to someone I trust. If I felt anxious, I would usually do the same thing I would do if I was afraid. Hope this helped!
Corey A.
When I feel like that, or just if I'm starting to feel like that either I put some music that energises me or I meditate to regain "mental balance".
Ron J.
I take a moment to breathe and ground myself. Meditation helps vastly with this. I remind myself that these feelings won’t last and if I grasp on to these emotions through trying to fix them, that I will only create more pain for myself. I remind myself that I’m not actually alone because I have my own heart/soul/spirit/mind whatever you’d like to call it. I create an environment of warmth and care for myself. To me that means napping, cuddling my dog, hugging myself, and doing something I really love and enjoy. I would suggest putting together a “first aid kit” for yourself when you feel this way. Make a mental note of what kinds of self care activities you will do for yourself when you feel this way. I wish you the best!
Nicoline Z.
Its too hard to explain. I usually lock myself in my room. I listen to XXXTENTACION music. Sometimes I 😢 cry. I feel stressed and depressed.