When do you locate your phone at night to recharge so that it is not by your bed but still convenient to check off your morning and evening routines?

Louise C.
Well, fortunately or not I have no possibility to have my phone charged by my side or nearby. I place it pretty far from my bed, hence to shut down the alarm I have to wake up& get up.

I used to put my phone for recharge just before the bed. Now I try to "get rid" of gadgets at 1 hour before sleeping and at that time I tell myself that it's night and everyone and everything will wait till morning.

Honestly it's hard to resist staying away from phone or notebook but still I'm trying to do my best.

Hope my answer is satisfying.
Thanks for the question)

Jovonah X.
If you have a queen-size bed, I charge mine on the side where I'm not sleeping. It rests on my dresser because my room is small, but it could just as easily be on the floor since you most likely will not get up on that side of the bed and step on it.