What do you like to do during your disconnect/unplug time?

Maxine J.
During my time disconnected from electronics I will sometimes meditate (breathing exercises or, more often, a self-guided body scan to release tention from top to toe). However, my absolute preferred activity only really pertains to people with trainable pets as I use the disconnected time to teach my cat tricks or just generally play with her, this helps me unwind while creating a meaningful bond between myself and her. Since I've started taking this time and using it in such a way I've felt less rushed in my relaxation time, it is the same length of time but used in a way that makes you feel like you are still doing something productive and meaningful (even if she doesn't want to sit on command by the end of the 9th session).
Adosindo Q.
I like to listen music, the loudest possible, I fell in that way I'm isolating myself from the outside noises, this is better if lights are off because it brings rest to the eyes
Pet Nia Q.
Drawing and journaling is my favourite as journaling gives you time to relax and reflect whereas drawing does the same and is both my hobby.