I want a way to do this where I can still use my sleep cycle app (which requires it to be close)

Theres F.
I use a sleep cycle app as well. I might be doing it wrong but I never interpreted "Disconnecting and Unplugging" as "Turning My Phone Off and Putting It In a Different Room". I lay my phone down face down, on "Do Not Disturb" or "Sleep" mode so I won't have any notifications coming through, and I let my sleep cycle app work throughout the night without touching it.
Esther U.
I use the goal as a reminder to stop checking Twitter and do something else. I still use my phone for my alarm, etc, so it's not literally unplugged. I just am very aware of not being on my phone once my evening routine starts. It's helped me get to some good books I've been meaning to read!
Annekatrin R.
If you can’t use your sleep cycle app, even though you would like to, try to use another devices that don’t require technology. For example an alarm from your grandmother, or maybe that little clock that you’ve seen at that cute store the other day. There are another opinions that you can use rather then just the sleep cycle app on your phone. If you still want to use the app, my advice is to set an alarm for every day of the week and then it be functional for everyday and anytime you need to wake up! Hope this helped you! Have a wonderful sleep, bye!
Mia F.
If I were you I would complete my nighttime habits before I set my alarm for the sleep cycle app, and that way you will be able to use both at the same time.
Victoria O.
I don’t take the “unplug” literally. Just stop giving your phone your attention. Using sleep apps doesn’t require your attention, so in my opinion, you’ve still disconnected.