What if you use your phone to fall asleep, ambient sounds fron YouTube and sl3eping apps that require internet connection?

Derrick Y.
I still use my phone to access apps that help me with a better night’s sleep. I just set my phone to automatically turn on “Do Not Disturb” every evening and to dim the screen so it isn’t hard on my eyes or keeping me awake with alerts.
Josh Q.
I do the same thing. The best way is to download them. And turn off all your connectivity while you sleep then play the downloaded file. This way you don't have EMF's harming your body while you sleep.👌👍
Gabby P.
I think that if you use internet for things like that that require internet connection, it is okay as long as you don't open apps like social media or things that could distract you and keep you from falling asleep.
Celestine Y.
Good question! I use my phone to play piano music that helps too. I have decided to turn my music on before I actually complete my last (electronics free) activity of the night. I also set a timer so the music will stop after two hours, ideally once I am asleep. That way I do not need to use my phone anymore. This does mean that I have to check off one of my habits without completing it first, but I will make sure I do it anyways right after.
Kendra F.
Thats completely fine, but your phone gives off blue light, which tells your body that its not time for sleep yet. But, the good thing about this is you can turn your phone face down so no light can show. If a little bit of light is escaping, you can cover your device with a towel. Hope this helped!
Noilves P.
Fabulous has ambient sounds you can download from the app in advance for offline use. Some of the popular sleeping apps do as well. I do my morning exercise routine offline in Fabulous before my internet connection turns back on for the day.