How do you detach yourself from social media apps?

Brent E.
Understand the difference between virtual world and real world. Never try to mix them up. Create some time for your social media usage. I mean turn off notifications. You don’t need to stay online all the time and reply immediately except for your emails.
Alexandra A.
When I am feeling that social media is a distraction to me, I log out and disable notifications until I feel I am ready to check it.
Levi E.
I have an app lock on my phone. After a certain time, usually around 5pm, my phone locks social media so that I am unable to use the apps. I also do not get on my computer to use social media.
Karen Q.
To truly get away from social media, you have to clear your mind. Turn off your phone and really connect with life itself. It's easy to get into one thing but it's harder to pull yourself out of that thing or situation. Think about something you want to do, and stick yourself to the sticking place. Don't back down because of something someone did or said.
Mia P.
I recently deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It was scary at first but I realized how much time I wasted on those apps. That was time I could be using towards productive activities, like reading, studying, writing, exercising, etc. Figure out how much time you really should be spending on social media and limit your consumption of those sites to that exact time. For me, the more I cut down social media time the more I realized it wasn't worth using at all. But that is different for everyone so you have to decide for yourself.
Achim H.
Have a time that you just shut off. 7:00/730 is about when I silent, turn off or put on the do not disturb notification. Then I read or color, something relaxing to help unwind.
Also not having social media easily accessible helps too. Having those social media’s on my desktop makes it less desirable.
Romy O.
I just quit them all together. They take up too much time and I realize I’ve wasted hours a day scrolling through someone else’s life instead of living my own. Every time I have the urge to check something out on social media, I have a barrier set in place meaning I have to re-activate my account in order to log back in. Whenever an urge like that does come, I just try to remind myself that i don’t need to waste my time looking at other people live their life.

Also if I get the urge to share my own pictures and accomplishments with the world, I just remind myself that pride comes before the fall. I don’t want to brag or show off my accomplishments anymore. I want my actions to speak louder than the words/pictures I post. Having a few pictures of major accomplishments like graduation, wedding, or kids is good. But if you start putting stuff everyday, you are only looking for attention and when you don’t get it, that leads to discouragement and stress and anxiety.

They didn’t have this stuff in any other generation throughout the entire history! This is the first time we have social media and there are mental and emotional as well as physical consequences related to it.
Just disconnect And live your life to the fullest!

Mike J.
Just uninstall it, very simple. Do not attach or make any unnecessary appointments to your friends or colleagues when you need more time for yourself.
Albertino A.
I usually leave my phone aside when I need a break from social media. If my phone is out of reach, I don't feel tempted to check social media apps.
Idal Cio C.
I deleted the Apps off my phone so that I have to sign in on my laptop which I rarely do.
I also leave my phone out of the room when I go to bed so that I don’t use it before I fall asleep and I don’t use when I wake up.
I would suggest if you want to keep the Apps on your phone to turn off the notifications.
Marlon A.
I don't have them on my phone and slowly I stopped feeling the pull to check. It was amazing to see how many times in a day I was going to my phone to open a social media app.
Deborah Z.
I detach myself from social media apps by focusing on those physicaly around me. Not those digitally with me I can talk to anytime
C Lia Z.
Place them far away from me. Try to do as much as I can without them (e.g. read print books & magazines, keep a print calendar.) Make them less important to my day to day life.