do you manage to stay away from devices or do you find it hard

Naveera N.
I do find it hard sometimes to stay away from devices, especially if my work or goal some what needs the internet to use. I also ofcourse whenever I open the device get distracted by other things instead of doing what's needed to be done. My tip is this, if you want to see or do something unnecessary with the device, don't ignore the want. Even though it might "waste" time atleast your getting this want off your mind. Set a timer for yourself to indulge a little, then afterwards get back to what's needed to be done. For procrastinators, I suggest this; keep distractions far away from you. If it is found in your device, locate the device away from arms reach or some where else. If using the device is necessary, delete the distracting apps. I know that's hard but trust me it puts a procrastinator into a on time action hero mode. If this way is too vigorous, work in short bursts, and give a break. In that break allow yourself to indulge in those distracting apps but in one condition; set timers from the devices settings for these apps in which apps will automatically close once timer is off. Building self accountability, is the real deal for a procrastinator or otherwise. Hope this helps!
Ramzi X.
I do manage to do that and the simple trick behind it is that it is NOT a choice. Let me explain; if it was a choice then every time I need to put down my device at night I would consume part of my will power, which by the end of the day is already depleted. I don't ask myself to put the device down and I don't give myself the freedom to choose. The choice has already been made once when I committed myself to putting my device down every night at 10 PM. Therefore, whenever it is 10PM, I put my device to sleep because it is a routine where no choice is involved; it is rather a reaction to the clock pointing to 10 PM. I do not give it any second thought because if I do it means I am giving myself a choice and we do not always make the correct choice. For my mind, 10PM = no more electronic devices and it is non negotiable.
Tania Q.
I find it very hard. I’m definitely addicted fo social media and the idea of being productive (via my phone). It gives me the illusion of planning but I don’t complete fully and just very good at avoiding going deeper and truly committing to myself. I’m ashamed and very unfocussed.
N Via Q.
I find it hard. There are so many available things on my device. O love to read and often use it as a reader. I use it as a way to unwind, and need to find a healthier option
Tobias Z.
Yes a little bit. The first and the last thing I reach for in the day is my phone. I also constantly listen to audiobooks. So I'm always plugged in. Wonder if it stops me from relaxing my mind.
Tim E.
I do find it hard to stay away from devices. Sometimes it feels like sensory overload. I need to practice better habits to not waste time on these devices.