What evening routine habit has been the most helpful when trying to disconnect & get to bed?

Arndt T.
Well, I have one thing that’s not on my list, but helps me go to sleep. I love to drink warm milk, as well as teas like chamomile. I especially love cherries, that have an ingredient called melatonin in them that also help with sleep. I do recommend to set a schedule for a certain time where you cannot eat food past that certain time stamp. But if you really can’t resist, try nutritional veggies and nuts.
Jenny P.
Sipping on tea with ginger while reading a book with a dim light on. Whole reading, I put on headphones with the sound of choice. I live in Southern California where it doesn’t rain so I like the option fabulous has of the sound of rain. It’s very soothing. I have my phone on airplane mode across the room with the alarm set on the latest time I can wake up so I can hopefully wake up before the alarm.
Savannah F.
Stopping and thinking about my day allows me to relax and put my phone down. It also helps me meditate which helps me fall asleep
Stanley O.
My answer will sound too simplistic but it’s not simple to get there. Since COVID started, I made a habit to meditate, focus on breathing, and dedicate time to be grateful for the day I had. It required me to be disciplined about them but now I have an easier time disconnecting.
Os Rio Q.
Journaling. Just start writing and let whatever comes into your head flow. Review what you've written and question why you felt/reacted a certain way.
The most helpful though was ensuring to note 3 things i was grateful for that day. Could be something as simple as nice weather for a walk or a song i like but always 3 things
Agota X.
Setting small goals when the most basic things are hard to do. Like a reminder of brushing my tooth and floss. I often find myself wasting hours on the phone, the disconnect and short breathing exercises get me ready for sleep better
Melanie N.
One thing I enjoy doing is my skincare routine. so, I have started dedicating time for that instead of staring at my phone on twitter and Instagram. Not only am I making my skin feel nice and practicing self care but I’m also not using my phone for the 20 minutes before bed.
Tilde U.
Reading has helped me disconnect and unplug. It helps me for various reasons: a) I tend to ruminate and reading helps take my mind off of that; b) it puts me in a better mood overall and; c) because of the warm light, it makes me feel sleepy, so I don't have to force myself to fall asleep.
Shauna C.
Leave your phone or tablet in another room. That way, you won't be tempted to check it if u get notifications through the night.
Juliette P.
READING when I read I get takein into a time where
There is NO WAY TO DISCONNECT cuz there is no phones or laptops not even a TV but in a good way
Alexander Z.
I thinking writing my memoir of the day at my bed was the most helpful to close and end the day.

It give clarity to how the day went and to be eager to next day.

Edward O.
I tend to read books. I have been disconnected 30 mins before sleeping, for starters. So reading then calms me, and I tend to sleep more peacefully later.
Vera J.
First disconnect from all devices, drink some sleepy time tea while reading a book, stretch for five minutes before bed put essential oils on chest and spray lavender mist in bedroom then read until you fall asleep. (I forgot to say get comfy!)
Rita O.
Reading before bed has been most helpful because it's something to do and something I want to do. It gives me an alternative to screen time.
Kreszentia O.
I make sure my alarm is set for the morning and then my phone gets plugged-in in a different room than my bedroom. I also make sure to have a fictional book to read and I read one chapter.