I have the issue that I use my phone for sleep tracking. So although I have no other devices in bed with me my phone is there. Does anyone have suggestions for sleep monitoring that doesn’t use mobile phones?

Susanne M.
A smart watch might be your best option. It can take time getting used to sleeping with something on your wrist but I would recommend giving it a try
Marius F.
I use my Apple Watch and an app called pillow. I charge my watch while I’m driving to work instead of at night. I’ve also found my Apple Watch to be very useful because I can use it to listen to audio books, or to “Calm” meditations without having to have my phone near me at night. I use a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to the Apple Watch and it works very well. If you don’t have an Apple Watch a cheap Fitbit, or many other fairly cheap fitness trackers out there will track sleep but my favorite is the Apple Watch. It’s a great tool to keep you away from your phone but still be able to answer emergency texts or phone calls if your trying to get rid of a phone addiction as well