How do you interact with people in person while they’re looking at screens?

Kelly N.
With my kids, I usually ask them to turn off their screens.
With others, I usually allow a brief moment to pass, but then ask if I should let them go or if they have time to chat.
Amy T.
I tend to slow down what I'm saying, or I'll pause for a moment while they look at their screen. Most people will pick up in these cues and look up again at which point I will resume what I was saying. I will also try to ask them questions so that they need to stay engaged.
Sarah J.
Pause in your conversation. Most people are listening even if they look like they aren’t. When you pause, after a moment they’ll usually look up from their device with a questioning look as to why you stopped speaking mid sentence. This is a non verbal and non aggressive way of being influenced their attention to the fact that you are speaking and desiring attention.
R E.
If someone avoids you then you shouldn’t bother yourself to talk to them. But if it’s a closed one then you should talk directly and ask them to not do that because it’s not right.
Ismael Z.
I stop speaking in the middle of my sentence. This catches their attention to look up at me. When they look up they usually say keep going. I always respond in a very nice way, “No, go ahead and take care of of your email ) text, etc).” After a few moments they finish their typing and put the phone down and are focused and present.
Elliot Y.
Ask what they're involved in- either it's something they find interesting/are passionate about and end up sharing their thoughts on, or realize having a face to face conversation is preferable