How do you get yourself to put your phone down?

Mechthilde U.
To get myself to put my phone down I plan out things for the day and I try to keep a routine so that I have certain times to be on my phone. I try to do active things so that I won’t be sitting around tempted to be on my phone.

Rich U.
I have deleted the apps I used the most for 2 weeks now, and my screen time has gone down 2 hours per day. I also found new, small fun things to learn like the rubix cube

Izzie Z.
I will tell myself that I need to look after myself. Taking time on your phone is okay but taking the time to appreciate and look at how well you are doing and how much better you can make you lifestyle. That motivation determines me to put my phone down and take in what I have.

Nuray T.
I struggle at this but I’ll either play music or put a podcast on my speaker or earphones and just put my phone on my shelf and leave it. Or I turn it off completely and put it away somewhere.