How can I better overpower my cravings to scroll through social media?

Clayton F.
Personally I do a few things.
1. When I get in the habit of opening an app mindlessly, I take it off my phone for a while and reevaluate my relationship with it
2. I kept fb off. I didn't feel good when I'd be done scrolling. However I do enjoy IG and Pinterest. I give myself set times during the day for this scrolling. That way I dont end up doing it when I have something of higher priority on my plate
Nadia O.
Do something fun that will make you feel like you aren't missing out on anything. Turn notifications for social media apps off.
Thea P.
We often spend time online when we have nothing interesting to do or when our jobs feel boring and overwhelming. We scroll through instagram, see some good pictures of people who have lives which seems to look quite interesting and we wish for our life to be like that. That thing then turns into social media addiction!
So my answer is simple. If you really want to control your cravings to scroll through social media, GO GET A LIFE!! I think this is the only way stop this addiction.
If you feel boring or kind of overwhelming from your daily chores, you should try to learn some new cool things or hobbies. Go for a walk outside, try to click some good pics of your surroundings from your phone, try writing something about what you feel about that view and keep phone's notification muted. If you are in office and can't go outside then try meditating, playing brain puzzels or write something about your day or future goals, dreams, and aspirations. Make a to-do list while going to bed at night and read a good book before sleeping. I have tried all of these things on myself and I have overcome my social media addiction so much. Try this and I hope you will succeed too! Have a nice day!
Nils C.
For me the app ‘Forest’ works really well to go for longer periods without my phone. In this app you plant a virtual tree and as long as you don’t touch your phone for a set amount of time, the tree will grow. If you close the app, the tree dies. I use this during studying.
I’ve also deleted apps, like Facebook, in periods that I needed to concentrate, like during exams periods, to prevent myself from mindlessly scrolling. This way I would need to visit the website, which is more work than opening an app, and I’m less likely to do that. If you are not ready to commit to deleting an app, you can always try to put the app on a random place in your phone, instead of clustered with all your other social media apps. This helps for me, as I won’t get lost in all my social media and keep switching between apps, because there are extra steps in between opening each app in which I can stop myself from doing this.
I only have tips for using social media on your phone, not on a computer, but I believe that with a few adaptations you can use these things for your computer as well. I hope these tips work for you! Good luck!