How do you disconnect at night when you have to pick up your phone after disconnecting to log it all?! You can’t log it the next morning to say you did it, or it will think you did it that day? Maybe log it before you do it, but then it feels a bit like cheating and also if you don’t then do it, you can’t unlog it.

Andrada Z.
I try to stay away from my phone or at least social media for at least 1h befor I know I wanna go to bed. One I'm in bed I open the app, log it and then close it.
Cecilie W.
Disconnecting from my phone is the last thing i do before i go to sleep. So i do my evening routine (taking vitamins and doing yoga in my case) and i log those on this app. At the same time i log the 'disconnection' and then i set aside my phone for the night. Hope this helps!