What things can I substitute to wind down or entertain myself?

Yvonne F.
I use Spotify, there are loads of relaxing playlists. I also do Kundalini Yoga, which makes me feel energised and sleepy at the same time! And as I've found using this app, reading at bedtime is a must!
Jared O.
Listen to white noise or quiet songs you can sleep to. Reading also relaxes you. I do a skincare routine to get myself ready for bed and feel refreshed when I wake up
Francis T.
I read self help books, play cards with my husband, draw or meditate. I always read because it’s just nice and the rule is at least 3 pages/day. It may not seem much but on difficult days it makes a big difference to have a goal
Salvador J.
For winding down I like to have a cup of lavender or chamomile tea and read a book. To entertain myself I usually turn on some music and dance
Hailey Y.
Meditation is something I enjoy. Even listening to Abraham Hicks motivational talks. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are all universal love and part of a tapestry. The best quote that calms me down is I know where I’m supposed to be, and I need to breathe. That mantra and deep breaths wind me down.
Diego E.
Reading a book or colouring is a good place to start, I would say. Something, that will help you gain a one track mind without a screen, is preferable.
Danny Z.
Listening to ambient music, do some basic stretches and then relax with the music focusing on your breathing. Dont try to change anything with the breathing just notice itna it is
Julie C.
I like to have a small routine if actively getting myself ready for bed. Turning off lights, making herbal tea, getting my clothes ready for tomorrow, getting a bottle of water for beside my bed. It helps me to use up some time before bed and reassure myself that I have everything ready for the next day so I dint need to worry as I fall asleep. I enjoy reading simple books or things like poetry because I don't get too involved in them, so I'm less likely to want "just one more chapter" .
Almerindo P.
Im currently moving, so I have been spending time making my house my own a little bit at a time in the evenings. I also journal. So I journal quickly how my day was in my calendar, but then I also journal for a longer time all the random thoughts and prayers I have. If I'm still not tired, I read a book. I'm currently reading through the Chronicles of Narnia.