How do you disconnect and unplug?

Esther Q.
Lately I have been lining out things for the next day, clothes, pull meat to defrost for the next days meal and do a check in on paper.
Romain E.
I try not work until late, so my disconnection starts when I stop working.
Of course I may have some TV time, or social media after that and these are my main objects to be disconnected and unplugged of.
To help that out, I try to cool down with a beverage, nice music and reading.
Then, my reading subjects unfortunately are so much based on my work, so for that reason, I have to drop the book at least 30 minutes before bed.
In those 30 minutes gap, it is me and my thoughts.
Then off to bed.
Cl O O.
I plug my phone in to charge, face down, with the do not disturb on when I go to bed. I read a book to relax my mind. It is a habit now.