How do you really disconnect when in fact you are checking the Fabulous app on your phone?

Paul T.
When I have completed my Fabulous ritual I close the app and my phone- it's that simple. I make improving myself through the app the very last thing I do before bed.
Maxence T.
I go through and do my night routine. I check everything off and then I set my phone to n receive no messages, phone calls etc from 10pm to 8 am. I go to bed after ten and get up at 530. Im a manager of 94 people and this step is really important. I get messages and phone calls all hrs of the day. Powering down features on my phone means a more peaceful life and since other people don’t respect boundaries, you have to draw the lines yourself
G Tz I.
I disconnect from everything but this app. I set a downtime on my phone and set only this app as one that is always allowed.
William J.
I make disconnecting the very last thing that I do on my list and once I've shut everything else down, I check the item on my list off and then silence my phone, make the screen stay off and put it away for the night.