How to reduce the ussage of phone? It’s kinda hard for me to just get seperated from phone and get concentrated with work. Thanks.

Neurani Q.
My best strategies for focusing on work without my phone:
If there are a lot of notifications coming in, silence them. Turn off any notifications that aren’t necessary for you to know right away.
If you can, put your phone somewhere far away from where you’re working. Another room, or across the room from where you’re sitting, so it’s difficult to casually pick it up.
Finally, recognising you’re not perfect and that you need breaks! Try to give yourself a phone break reward after you’ve spent a designated amount of time on work or after you’ve accomplished a set number of tasks. Then put the phone back away and resume working.
Theo F.
I plimug mine in to charge in my bedroom and walk away. I go outside to the garden or for a walk or clean the house or play with my kids. I find a distraction from my phone. I also turn my phone off. Completely off. I have voicemail and my messages stay until I read them.
There is no emergency big enough outside of my home that needs me to be attached to my phone every second. I will check my phone after an hour. Maybe I'll bring it with me then, maybe I'll just leave it charging and go about my day.
Chrstyn Q.
I put my phone on silent and keep it away from me in another room. I must say I personally do not miss not having my phone as I get and have peace of mind! 🙂 Sublime!
Kathy P.
Disabling notifications helps me minimize distractions so I can focus on my work. I check personal emails only once a day.